Sara Taylor. Shaw Wood Academy, Doncaster. Emergency First Aid At Work Course. 12/03/19 – Very Informative. Even though I’ve been  first aid trained in the past I learnt things I hadn’t been taught before. Excellent.

Laura Cunningham. Bright Sparks Nursery, Doncaster. Paediatric First Aid Course. 09/03/19 – Fun, interactive and lots of opportunities to ask questions if unsure.

Alison Bolton. Matlock And Ashover Practice, Matlock. Fire Safety Awareness  and Extinguisher. 13/03/19 – I learnt lots of new facts, particularly about how sprinklers worked. Also had my individual questions answered fully. Very interesting.

Amy Bavin. Hungerhill Academy, Doncaster. First Aid at Work Course. 14/03/19 – Friendliness and amount of support given. Amazing food to!

Linda Faulkner. Park View Surgery, Doncaster. Basic Life Support  and AED Course. 20/03/2019 – Pitched at a good level for clinical and non clinical staff. Handouts useful.

Rebecca Turner. Northern Racing College, Doncaster. Fire Marshall & Fire Extinguisher Course. 21/03/2019 – Some very useful information for both home and work. All questions were answered . Nice environment for learning. Given a chance to use extinguishers . Good learning experience .

Graham Hand. Hayfield School, Doncaster. First Aid Training .22/03/2019 – Fast,friendly and flexible responses always from ERT. Our go-to First Aid Training solution for years. As the trainers are practising professionals in their day-jobs, this keeps it relevant and up-to-date. Excellent value for money too!

Doncaster.  First Aid at School Course. 2/04/2019 – Clear delivery, explained well, useful and engaging Jane made it personal for our school. Excellent.

Gaynor Wood. DHL, Doncaster. 3 day First Aid at Work & AED Course. 11-13/04/2019 – Interactive, relaxed and informative course. Trainer was approachable and friendly. Jane was super knowledgeable.

Davina Skinn. St Joseph’s School, Rossington. Paediatric First Aid Course. 27/02/19 – It waquite an informal and relaxed atmosphere. Practicals were made fun, whilst still ensuring the serious elements.

Carol Ann Needham . Highgate Primary, Rotherham. First Aid in Schools Course. 27/02/2019 – Very interesting and informative. Delivered in a very pleasant manner.

Sarah Weldon. Brierley C of E Primary School, Barnsley. First Aid in School Course. 25/02/2019 – Both trainers were very clear and delivered at a good pace, giving us time to process and ask questions.

Debbie Goodenough. Hexthorpe Primary School, Doncaster. First Aid in Schools Course. 15/02/2019. – Liked everything. Best first aid refresher we’ve done. Thank you.

Elizabeth Clifton. Northern Racing College, Doncaster. 3 day First Aid at Work & AED Course. 11-13/12/2018 – The course was paced well to keep us engaged. It was relevant and included everyone. The refreshments were appreciated.

Shirley Calow. Travis St Lawrence School, Doncaster. 1 day First Aid in School course. 30/11/18 – Relaxed yet informative day; learnt a lot – Thank you :)

Zoe Fitzsimons. Genix, Morecambe. Bespoke CPR/AED, Oxygen Therapy and Medical Emergencies Course. 16/11/2018 – The course was very informative and engaging, learned a lot thank you Chris.

Dawn Cooper. Staffa Health, Derbyshire. Basic Life Support Course. 14/11/2018 – Interesting course course and easy to understand. Very entertaining!! Chris was a very good trainer.

Kirk Edwardson. Carver Engineering. Held at Canberra. 2 day First Aid at Work & AED Re-qualification Course. 07-08/11/2018 – Relaxed atmosphere, made first aid fun and enjoyable. Chris was really knowledgeable and made me feel confident in applying my first aid skills in real situations.  Give Chris a hefty payrise!