3 day First Aid at Work & Defibrillator course -18th, 19th, 20th  May 2022 –  Hands on and very productive, the course was well explained and information provided was very helpful – L Gahagan – Trupart

Fire Precautions for Managers Course –  17th May 2022 – Excellent Knowledge and clear information given; Straight to the point –D Philbey – ABP UK

2 day First Aid at Work Re-qualification – 12th & 13th May 2022 – Really nice trainer – explained each subject clearly. Never rushed – had a little bit of banter which was refreshing and made you feel at ease. Keep up the good work! – S Vernon – Polypipe

3 day First Aid at Work & Defibrillator – 11th May 2022 – Friendly trainer, engaging and interactive. Given resources and could practice what we were taught – S Jackson – Whistlestop Valley Park 

1 day Emergency First Aid at Work – 3rd May 2022 – Loved how interactive it was with the practical sessions – A Godley – JD Gym

Basic First Aid – 3rd May 2022 – Covered what we would need in the school environment. Very clear teaching style – C Goddard – Lowedges Junior Academy 

Fire Safety Training – 3rd May 2022 – The we could use the fire extinguishers to put fires out – A Williams – Friends Together Care Homes

3 day First Aid at Work course – 27th, 28th & 29th April 2022 – Open and friendly, went at our pace. Nothing was too much bother when we asked him to repeat anything – L Kendall – Rotherham, Doncaster & S Humber NHS Trust

3 day First Aid at Work course – 27th, 28th & 29th April 2022 – Well intergrated course. Lots of questions and answers sections. All aspects were explained clearly – G Bowskill – Wright Engineering

Emergency First Aid at Work course – 29th April 2022 – Easy to understand, tutor was clear, pleasant, warm and welcoming – J Angel – SYAC 

CPR/AED/Oxygen Therapy & Medical Emergency course – 28th April 2022 – Chris was really informative and thorough. He made sure we understood everything – C Prest – Genix Health Care

First Aid in School – 28th April 2022 – That it covered many aspects and I could get hands on and have a go. Very friendly and excellent at explaining everything. – L Rymer – Carrfield Academy 

First Aid in School – 28th April 2022 – Enjoyed the course, delivery was excellent and professional. Thank you.  A Rowley – Carrfield Academy 

Fire Marshal & Extinguisher – 27th April 2022 – Clear and accurate, great presentation – G Liddle – GAAP Investments

Evacuation Sledge Training – 26th April 2022 – Steve was very good in the way he trained each person and very knowledgeable – R Eager – The Convent of Mercy

Emergency First Aid at Work – 26th April 2022 – The whole course was very lively and informative. The delegates all shared experiences making it very interesting – S Dunwell – Delta Academies Trust 

Fire Marshal & Extinguisher – 25th April 2022 – Relaxed atmosphere throughout. Confidence given to each candidate whilst doing practical  – L Clark – Maya Rail Ltd  

Basic First Aid – 25th April 2022 – The fact it was made fun but still learnt things that we needed to know – M Miozowski-Bryon – National Horseracing College 

2 day First Aid at Work Re-qualification – 21st & 22nd April 2022 – No useless bits of jargon, Made interesting. Training was well paced with good recaps. S Taylor – Polypipe

2 day First Aid at Work Re-qualification – 21st & 22nd April 2022 – The fact that we were not made to feel under pressure at all. The important information was given and not too much science. The pace was good and videos were interesting. I felt that I learnt more from this course than previous courses. packed lunch was nice – K Formby – Maple Medical PRU

Emergency First Aid at Work – 21st April 2022 – Interactive course. Didn’t drag! Trainer made sure everything was clear & understood 🙂 – C Haylock – Peak Ecology

First Aid in School – 19th April 2022 – Lead was encouraging and supported with good knowledge, made me feel confident – J Gibson – Castle Acadaemy

Basic First Aid – 14th April 2022 – Covid CPR protocols, clear, concise training – H Robinson – Convent of Mercy

3 day First Aid at Work – 12th, 13th & 14th April 2022 – I was lucky enough to be in a small group and it was so relaxed I felt it was easier to take more information in. I will be recommending this course and teacher to all – S Wilson – Hungerhill School

Fire Marshal Course – 12th April 2022 – Learnt quite a few different things about fire safety, really useful for the home too – J Sleney – Marcrist

First Aid in Schools – 1st April 2022 – Interactive and Opportunity to take part and try CPR, Defib & Bandages etc – M Ali – Crookesbroom Primary Academy

CPR/AED – 30th March 2022 – Excellent Trainer. Interactive throughout – N Farooq – Northfield Surgery

Basic Life Support course – 30th March 2022 – Everyone made to feel at ease. Interesting background knowledge for using CPR – L Faulkner Newton Medical Centre

CPR/AED – 30th March 2022 – How relaxed it was. I was nervous about the course but enjoyed it. C Smith – Park View Medical Centre

Fire Safety Awareness – 30th March 2022 – Easy to understand, good examples of different scenarios. Interesting all the time so never bored – L Fox – Lakeside Practice 

Basic First Aid – 28th March 2022 – The CPR and defibrillator information was very informative. All of the information given was very clear. C Kirk – Albemarle Homes

Fire Extinguisher – 22nd March 2022 – Trainer was clear and easy to understand, practical session very useful – L Collins – Doncaster Children’s Services trust

First Aid at Work – 21st, 22nd & 23rd March 2022 – All the course, I was really enjoying every minute of that course. I like practice and a lot of examples from life – A Blok – ABP Doncaster

First Aid at Work – 16th, 17th & 18th March 2022 – Instructor was very clear, approachable and friendly. Course was informative and very interesting. Enjoyed thoroughly – I Hubery – Polypipe

CPR/AED – 16th March 2022 – Fantastic trainer, made a serious training course light hearted and enjoyable – S Smith – The Burns Practice

CPR/AED – 16th March 2022 – Probably the best course I’ve done regarding this topic – my 1st was in 1985! – L Shaw – Francis Street Medical Practice

CPR/AED Anaphylaxis – 16th March 2022 – Interactive nature, competition element. Sue made it fun and interesting K Islam St Vincent Medical Centre

Emergency First Aid – 14th March 2022 – Educational, fun, very good – J Rattigan – Rethync

CPR/AED – 14th March 2022 – Using the equipment which I have never done before, I have learnt a lot. Thank you – R Oxtaby – Norfolk Park Medical Practice

First Aid at Work – 9th, 10th & 11th March 2022 – The practical and group work gave the course a less stilted and formal atmosphere than my previous courses. The was no waiting uncomfortably. Very positive atmosphere throughout – L Waterhouse – Grange Lane Infant Academy

First Aid at Work – 9th, 10th & 11th March 2022 – The speed and repetition. Craig is an excellent trainer who made the course enjoyable – D Lester – Ridgewood Academy

Fire Safety – 9th March 2022 – Great tutor, clear, concise, relevant information – J Hurley – Staffa Health

CPR/AED – 9th March 2022 – Great refresher course – L Crowder – Wingerworth Medical Centre

2 day First Aid at Work Re-qualification – 3rd & 4th March 2022 – Dave delivered the course in an excellent style. He showed great knowledge and experience, with the right amount of humor. A credit to ER Training. – N Thorne

2 day First Aid Re-qualification – 3rd & 4th March 2022 – Small class sizes and an instructor who was able to get over the material in a simplistic manner that could be understood easily – S Walton – Trinity Academy

Emergency First Aid at Work – 2nd March 2022 – Quality Bloke – funny – made the course exciting, enjoyable. Allow us all to play with equipment. Best one yet! – S McQuade 

Emergency First Aid – 2nd March 2022 – Chris had lots of stories to tell which always makes it real. Really enjoyed it – N Woodford – Freightliner

First Aid in School – 1st March 2022 – Excellent delivery style, Superb subject knowledge and very informative – D Potts – Trinity Academy

Basic First Aid – 28th February 2022 – Learning how to do CPR properly and on babies/toddlers. Chris was amazing – made us feel comfortable – B Hully – KDP

First Aid in School – 25th February 2022 – We could practice scenarios how to do things – C Rump-Smith – West Road Academy

Emergency Life Support course – 19th February 2022 – Good all round knowledge and remember ‘What three words’. Came across really well. – K Harrison – Drive

3 day First Aid at Work – 16th, 17th, 18th February 2022 – Everything, learnt a lot, would definitely recommend this to anyone. Would do it again – T Bowman – BA Components

First Aid in School – 16th February 2022 – Lots of appropriate information in lots of detail. Good use of diagrams, handouts, pictures, video. Thank you – L Nicholson – Saint James School

Emergency First Aid – 16th February 2022 – The messages delivered from the trainer were very clear and easy to understand – T Breakwell – Aggregates R Us

First Aid at Work – 15th February 2022 – Trainer good to get on with and venue 5* L Waddington

Basic Life Support/AED & Oxygen Therapy – 15th February 2022 – Presentation and information very clear and concise, kept everyone engaged – C Trevett – Genix Healthcare

Emergency First Aid – 13th February 2022 – There was a lot of information but the length and repetition helped it sink it. The Booklet is really useful – K Dutton – Penistone leisure Centre

Emergency First Aid – 12th February 2022 – It was interactive enough without feeling too intense or putting us under pressure. Also added really interesting physiology/anatomy aspects – L Harper – University of Sheffield

Emergency First Aid at Work – 11th February 2022 – An Excellent Course, led by a calm,  confident and reassuring trainer. The best training I’ve received in first aid – M Lowson – 11th February 2022

Emergency First Aid at Work – 11th February 2022 – Very informative and easy to understand. Good demonstrations and visual aids – J Wriglesworth

First Aid in Schools – 11th February 2022 – Deb delivered the course in an excellent way- clear information – easy to listen to style. Best first aid course I’ve attended – K Jenkins – Hatchellwood Primary

First Aid in School – 11th February 2022 – Easy to understand, not too deep. Covered things useful to us – S Mounfield – Monteney School

Emergency First Aid – 9th February 2022 – Very informative and easy to understand. Chris had an engaging manner and encouraged conversation. The hands on stuff was helpful and knowledge gained – K Wilson – Feathercare

Fire Safety Awareness – 9th February 2022 – Everything was explained and in detail. Also provided scenarios of situations that might occur and the best course of action. J Fox – Staffa Health

Blended Paediatric First Aid – 8th February 2022 – Mix of videos, practical and discussions – S Atkinson

First Aid at Work – 7th, 8th & 9th February – I likes how easy the information to take in due to good delivery – M Smith – Haith Group

First Aid at Work Re-qualification – 3rd & 4th February 2022 – Very informative, learnt new techniques and new and more detailed approaches – A Lewis – Polypipe

Emergency First Aid at Work – 31st January 2022 – Very relaxed, and was able to use real life experiences to get training across – A Ashurst

Basic First Aid – 30th January 2022 – CPR and recovery position – choking on a baby and how to handle it  – C Hinchliffe

First Aid at Work – 25th, 26th & 27th January 2022 – All of it, a good mixture of practical and visual learning. A very knowledgeable trainer. Thank you – L White – Castle Academy

First Aid at Work – 25th, 26th & 27th January 2022 – Very knowledgeable trainer. Brought first aid to real life with examples. A great 3 days. – K Allsopp – Thorne King Edward Primary School 

First Aid at Work – 21st January 2022 – Easy to understand – Good pace, liked the activities e.g recovery position. Felt comfortable – E Longstaff – McAuley Catholic High School

Paediatric First Aid – 21st January 2022 – Mixture between practical & theory kept it intersting – C Lake – Castle Academy

First Aid in School – 18th January 2022 – Pace was good, explanation was excellent, lots of discussion – K Noble – Rossington All Saints Academy

Fire Warden Course – 17th January 2022 – Comfortable warm enironment, Trainer was friendly, welcoming and ensured we understood information provided. Putting out fires – L Jones – Enable, Sheffield

Paediatric First Aid – 12th & 13th January 2022 – Debs was absolutely Fantastic! Great teacher; very knowledgeable. Enjoyed much more than expected.1st First Aid course ever, not too overwhelming – K Chambers – Mallard Primary School

Fire Safety Awareness & Live Fire Extinguisher – 13th January 2022 – Very informative, made it fun, lightened the mood, didn’t feel like your traditional ‘boring’ course – A Eccles – Steris Group

First Aid in School – 11th January 2022 – Pace was good, explanation was excellent, lots of discussion – K Noble – Rossington All Saints Academy

CPE/AED – 11th January 2022 – The trainer was friendly & approachable. Demonstration of covid CPR – G Morrissey – Buchen-ICS

Fire Safety Awareness & Live Fire Extinguisher- 6th January 2022 – The practical side, putting out fires – A Hallam – Steris Group

Emergency First Aid – 7th January 2022- Best first aid course ever taken – M Savage – Freightliner, Ipswich

Emergency First Aid at Work 4th January 2022 – All candidates fully engaged and confident. Learnt SO much! – H Holmes – St Oswalds School

First Aid in School – 4th January 2022 – Both trainer were relaxed but professional. They were very knowlegeable – R Clark – Mansel Primary

First Aid in School – 4th January 2022 – Trainer checked regularly all staff understood each part of the training. He had a good repport with staff and excellent working knowledge. – H Acton – Hatfield Woodhouse Primary

2 day Blended Paediatric First Aid – 17th December 2022 – Chris has been an amazing instructor who has always ensured all participants were up to speed and happy before moving onto the next stage – L Sheridan – Hawthorn Primary School

CPR/AED/Oxygen Therapy & Medical Emergency Course – 15th December 2021 – Very thorough and kept it flowing! explained everything very clearly and kept it enjoyable – R Sharman – Genix Health Care

3 day First Aid at Work -10th, 11th & 12th December 2022 – Dave was really easy to approach and talk to. He made the First Aid course fun and his strategy was easy to learn – L Phillips – Victoria Plum

Emergency First Aid at Work – 6th December 2021 – Opportunities to express personal experiences of conditions and to be able to physically practice on mannikins for CPR – L Cunningham – Travis St Lawrence School

First Aid in School = 17th November 2021 – Chatty, interesting, engaging trainer – L Wilkie – Birkwood Primary

First Aid in School – 17th November 2021 – Informal and non-threatening. Trainer linked areas to his real-life experiences. Made the day enjoyable. thank you – J Hemingway – Highgate Primary Academy

First Aid in School – 17th November 2022 – Excellent trainer – extremely knowledgeable who shared lots of personal stories which made the course interesting – N Snape – Gooseacre Primary

First Aid in School – 10th November 2021 – It was nice to join in with first aid and conversations at appropriate times. Trainer made the course relaxed, enjoyable and very informative. Thank you – G Baker – Birkwood School

2 day First Aid Re-qualification – 9th November 2021 – Explained in full detail, thoroughly demonstrated practical assessments, continually asked if we had any questions 🙂 A Parker Mawdsley 

Emergency First Aid at Work – 3rd November 2021 – The clarity, speed and contents of the course were very good. I enjoyed the CPR and AED activities the most – H Han – McAuley Catholic High School

First Aid in School – 12th October 2021 – General content plus content appropriate to our school/child age etc. Informal explanations, easy and better to understand. Felt at ease – Thank you. L Donald St Joseph & St Teresa’s School