Fire Marshal/Warden – 3 hours

Target Group: All levels of staff who have the responsibility of Fire Marshal duties and who may be required to safely operate fire extinguishers.

Pre-Course requirements: None.

Assessment: Continual assessment by observation + question and answers.

Trainer Ratio: 1 trainer to 12 candidates.

Course Outline: 

• Fire Precautions Regulations/legislation
• Chemistry of fire and how it spreads
• Types and Classifications of fires
• Common causes of fire
• Safety features within buildings
• Hazard spotting/ hazard reduction
• Action on discovering a fire
• Calling the Fire Service
• Evacuation Procedures
• Daily and weekly checks
• Fire Extinguishers – Theory and practical demonstration (non operation) of fire extinguisher common to candidate’s workplace.

Trainer contact hours:  3 hours

Certification: Fire Marshal certificate of attendance.