Fire Safety Awareness (Medical/Dental & Care)

Target Group: All Clinical & Non clinical staff.

Pre-Course requirements: None.

Assessment: Non-Assessable.

Trainer Ratio: 1 Trainer to 25 Candidates.

Course Outline:

Provides participants with an understanding of the fire safety issues within medical/care centres.

• (i) Fire Safety Legislation
• (ii) Legal Responsibilities – Employers/Employees
• (iii) Duties of people in charge of workplaces
• (iv) Enforcing Authorities – Powers of Inspectors
• (v) Fire Chemistry – Triangle of Fire
• (vi) Fire Extinguishment
o Fire Classifications
o Fire Extinguisher (types and their use)
• (vii) Arson Prevention
• (viii) Fire Evacuation
• (ix) Fire safety signage and fire doors
• DVD – Fire Safety, The Facts

Trainer contact hours: 2 hours.

Certification: Fire Safety Awareness Attendance display certificate.