L1 Fire Awareness at Work (RQF) – 4 hours

Target Group: All levels of staff.

Pre-Course requirements: None.

Assessment: Multiple Choice Question Paper.

Trainer Ratio: 1 trainer to 12 candidates

Course Outline: Provides participants with an understanding of the fire safety issues within the workplace.

• (i) Hazards and risks associated with fire in the workplace
• Elements of the fire triangle
• Methods of smoke and fire spread
• How risks can be lowered in the workplace
• (ii) How to use a range of fire controls
• Common fire controls in a workplace
• How to use a range of fire controls including: Fire Exits & Fire Doors
• The importance of clear routes or travel
• How to use a range of portable fire extinguishers
• (iii) The importance of a prompt and safe evacuation of the workplace
• The actions to be taken on hearing a fire alarm
• How a safe evacuation can be undertaken in a workplace
• How members of the public and visitors should be alerted to the presence of a potential fire

Trainer contact hours: 4 hours.

Certification: L1 Fire Safety Awareness display certificate (QNUK)