L2 Food Safety for Catering (RQF) – 1 day

Target Group: All levels of staff.

Pre-Course requirements: None.

Assessment: This qualification is assessed by multiple choice questions.

Trainer Ratio: 1 trainer to 12 candidates

Course Outline:

Understand how individuals can take personal responsibility for food safety within a catering environment.

Outline the importance of:
• food safety procedures
• risk assessment
• safe food handling
• avoiding unsafe behaviour

Describe how to report food safety hazards, infestations and food spoilage.

Outline the legal responsibilities of food handlers and food business operators

Understand the importance of maintaining personal health and hygiene in a catering environment

Explain the importance of personal hygiene in food safety including their role in reducing the risk of contamination

Describe effective personal hygiene practices in relation to:
• protective clothing
• hand washing
• personal illnesses
• cuts and wounds

Know how the working areas are kept clean and hygienic within the catering environment

Explain how to keep the work area and equipment clean and tidy including:
• cleaning methods
• safe use of chemicals
• storage of cleaning materials

State the importance of safe waste disposal

Outline the importance of pest control

Know how to keep food safe within a catering environment

State the risk to food safety from contamination and cross- contamination to include:
• microbial
• chemical
• physical
• allergenic hazards
• vehicles of contamination

Describe safe food handling practices and procedures

Explain the importance of temperature controls

Describe stock control procedures to include:
• deliveries,
• storage,
• date marking
• stock rotation

Explain how to recognise and dispose of food spoilage

Trainer contact  hours: 6 hours.

Certification: L2 Food Safety in Catering display certificate.