L2 Principles of Workplace Risk Assessment (RQF) – 1 day


Target Group: This qualification is aimed at those looking to support the undertaking of workplace risk assessment.

Pre-Course requirements: None.

Assessment: Multiple Choice Questions.

Trainer Ratio: 12 candidates.

Course Outline:

1) Understand how risk assessment can contribute to a safer work environment
1.1) State the main causes of workplace fatalities, injuries and ill health.
1.2) List the main costs of work-related accidents and ill health to employers, employees and the wider society.
1.3) Outline the duties and responsibilities of employers, employees and others with respect to workplace health and safety.
1.4) Outline how workplace health and safety legislation is enforced and the penalties for non-compliance.
1.5) Describe the provisions for risk assessment contained in key legislation.
2) Understand the principles of a workplace risk assessment
2.1) Describe what is meant by the term ‘risk assessment’.
2.2) Outline the necessary competencies of a risk assessor.
2.3) State sources of advice and information that can support the undertaking of a workplace risk assessments.
2.4) Describe the stages involved in a typical risk assessment.
2.5) Outline the requirements for recording, monitoring, reviewing and revising workplace risk assessments.

Trainer contact  hours: 6 hours.

Certification: L2 Principles of Workplace Risk Assessment display certificate.